The Gi4DM (GeoInformation for Disaster Management) 2019 conference took place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 3-6 September. Zahra Dabiri presented two papers at this conference. The paper entitled “An Object-based Approach for Monitoring the Evolution of Landslide-Dammed Lakes and Detecting Triggering Landslides in Taiwan” illustrates an object-based methodological framework to map landslide-dammed lakes, their triggering landslides, and the evolution of the landslide-dammed lakes using Landsat imagery after major typhoons.

The second paper “Assessment of Landslide-Induced Morphology Changes Using an Object-Based Image Analysis Approach: A Case Study of Hitardalur, Iceland” focuses on the analysis of a large landslide and its impact on the landscape and the river system using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 imagery. The GI4DM 2019 conference was an ideal platform to meet with international experts from all around the world, to exchange ideas, and to establish new collaborations.